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Hardly a week

Sometimes I forgot that it’s just been more or less a week of classes this sem. Heavy courses plus rehearsals are taking their toll on me. I just never remembered me this busy before this early into the year but, hey, no complaints.

I kind of want to talk about my classes for this sem:

Theatre 132 (Acting 2) – is the subject I’m sort of nervous about the most. I personally think I could have done a lot better in 131 and I really need to step up my game for Acting 2. Especially since there are only FIVE of us in class and we need to mount a full-length play by March. I may not  be strictly a performance major but I think it would be pretty nice to have a good foundation in practical, and non-theoretical, acting.

Speech 124 (Chamber Theater)- was a surprise. I generally thought all Interpretation classes were supposed to be easy. (Well, 121 was kind of easy.) The syllabus surprised me A LOT with the number of productions we have for this semester. The reason I’m taking a higher interpretation class is because I feel that with Speech 121: SALIGIA, I focused a lot more on the directing aspect of the prod, that I forgot that I was also performing! This time around, I’ll focus on being a stronger performer.

French 11 – is the killer. I honestly don’t understand anything. I took French 10 three and a half years ago and I barely passed it. And now I’m in French 11. Thank god my professor’s perky and reviews French 10 because otherwise I’m dead. Seriously. And with a sem like mine, I honestly can’t afford to stress over a language elective.

CW 130 (equivalent to Theatre 171 Playwriting) – has another surprise! A final production. I feel a little apprehensive but I’m not backing down. In fact, I’m sort of excited to begin our sem. 

PI 100 (Rizal) – no comment so fa


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