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Last night, I had the privilege to rewatch Tanghalang Ateneo’s WALANG SUGAT (direction by Josefino Tolledo, choreography by Dexter Santos) at the Irwin Theater with my high school buddy Elaine Fernandez. And here’s the catch – due to a great tip from my new friend Joshua (an engineering freshman in UP and part of the ensemble in Walang Sugat), I got in for free!

That’s right – FREE! (And if you’re reading this and are interested, you could still catch a free show tomorrow and, I think, on Sunday) I’m not so sure on the details surrounding it but apparently it was due to some sort of ‘no market’, ‘paper audience’ type of thing. The thing is, we got in for FREE. (Because, honestly, I’ve already payed 250 to see it the first time it run, I would not pay the same amount to watch the same thing)

First of all, it is a refreshing experience to be a theater audience once again. DUP is stressing me out and I needed a good reminder why I’m doing what I’m doing – theater is LOVE.

Barring a few (okay it was a little major major) technical difficulties in the prologue and, of course, the irritating 30-minute delay (Whatever happened to good ol’ fashion theatre etiquette?), I enjoyed the production. I saw some stuff that was new compared to the first time I saw it. I enjoyed the acting of the leads, the chorus was great, the choreogrpahy was spot-on.

When I first saw this, my main complaint was the sounds person in charge of lapel apparently wasn’t paying attention. The boy singing ‘Bayan Ko’ had his lapel OFF for the entire first stanza – and this was supposed to be their showstopper number! At least this time, they had a better sounds person. (And yes I highly enjoyed the ‘Bayan Ko’ number more this time)

Shout out goes to my friend NICOLE ROXANNE ALDIOSA. She’s my classmate in movement and she was also part of the chorus in DUP’s Atang and the original run of Walang Sugat. This time, she plays one of the leads, Monica, the role originated by Delphine Buencamino who is currently playing Zafira in Orosman at Zafira. Shout out goes to my friend JOSHUA SOLOMON who was the one who invited me. Great job, you have a future in theater! ūüôā Shout out goes to AUGUSTUS! He’s a set-mover in the play. Of course, shout out goes to DEXTER SANTOS, the choreographer! GREAT CHOREO SIR! ūüôā

Again, as with Legally Blonde, I deem it improper for me to post an in-depth critical review of this play in public given that (1) I’m a theater student and (2) I plan to make my living as a performer and not as a critic. Anyway, catch WALANG SUGAT. It’s free tomorrow, and it’s also worth the 250 ticket so also watch next week. IT’S WORTH IT! ūüôā



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#mce_temp_url#This was it! The biggest, most-awaited con of the year in the Philippines has come – METROCOMICCON2010!

As all plans and dates fail, I had to brave ComicCon by myself. (although, thankfully, I was meeting someone later that day, so it was worth it) But that was okay, we discover things about ourselves when we are alone sometimes.

First thing I’ve noticed upon arrival was the long line outside. (FAILURE TO OPEN THE GATES ON TIME?) Instead of just standing outside Megatrade Hall at Megamall for god knows how long, I decided to have lunch first. After lunch, voila, there was no more line. Surprisingly.

I felt that this year had a lot less turn-out than last year. At least during the morning. (To be fair though, this year I went on the closing day while last year we went on openingday) There weren’t that many cosplayers yet so I decided to browse along see what’s new.

(1) Rummaging through old comic books is tough. This used to be fun (Last year, I got a Wonder Woman (vol.3) #1!!) This year though, I blame it on the lack of energy, I just wasn’t in the mood to scavenge through the ten- and twenty-peso bin. I looked through some of the more pricey ones as well, such as trades of IC and Identity Crisis. And yes, for the nth time I ONLY read DC. Who reads Marvel, again?

(2) Someone was selling Justice League: Cry for Justice at 2,500. I laughed.

(3) There was a film showing of Superman: Doomsday. I’ve already seen this film two years ago and I wasn’t really that impressed. I felt the storyline wasn’t faithful to the source material (comic-boy geek mode!) However, watching it on a big projector with a big crowd of comic fans made me realize something – it was a nice movie. In fact, I actually teared up when *spoiler* SUPERMAN DIED *spoiler* Like seirously, stress of the recent weeks plus Superman dying equals me bawling up.

(4) When the cosplayers arrived, I was…in love! At first just the usual anime people. However, when the REAL comic book cosplayers came, wow! THERE WAS A KINGDOM COME GREEN LANTERN. AWESOME, complete with SWORD! There was the HAWKCOUPLE, Hawkman and Hawkgirl! AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, SOMEONE CAME DRESSED UP AS MY FAVORITE DC CHARACTER EVER ZATANNA!!!!!

I regret leaving early. Apparently, there was a cosplaying Green Arrow/Black Canary couple. AND BATWOMAN. Seesh. I can’t wait to see the Batwoman pictures!

That was a fun day. 

Although, if I were to nitpick, I felt off with the hosts of the program. I mean, they seemed fine and okay but their knowledge of comic books was just borderline insulting. “SUPERMAN BLUE/SUPERMAN RED was an offshoot of his death?” “LONG HAIRED SUPERMAN WAS AN ALTERNATE SUPERMAN?” “SUPERBOY was HALF-ANDROID?” Face-Palm!

I still wish I got a picture with the Zatanna cosplayer though. ūüė¶

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111 Monologue

This was my piece for today’s graded monologue from Sa Sabado Sa Sam’s by Chris Martinez

Shit. I shouldn’t have called. Hindi ko dapat ginawa ‘yon. Shit, ang tanga ko. Hindi ko dapat siya tinawagan. Ba’t ‘di mo ako pinigilan? Alam mo namang hindi ko siya dapat tawagan pagkatapos ng ginawa niya sa akin. Ba’t pinabayaan mo lang akong tawagan siya. I shouldn’t have called. Shit. Pano na ‘yan? Iisipin niya iniisip ko pa rin siya. Iisipin niya gusto ko pa rin siya. Iisipin niya mahal ko pa rin siya. Shit. I shouldn’t have called that stupid, lying, irresponsible bastard. Baka akalain niya naloloka na ako. Baka akalain niya nababaliw na ako. Baka akalain niya buwang na buwang ako sa kanya. Putang ina niya. I shouldn’t have called. I’m so stupid. I’m so low. I’m so cheap. Shit. I shouldn’t have called. Ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi ko na siya iisipin. Ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi ko na siya kakausapin. Ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, hinding-hindi ko na siya tatawagan. I shouldn’t have called! Shit! I mean – hindi pwedeng gawin niya sa akin ito. I mean – hindi pwedeng dedmahin niya lamang ako ng basta-basta. I mean – hindi pwedeng hindi niya ako ma-miss. Shit. I shouldn’t have called. Alam kong marami pang lalake pa diyan. Alam kong bata pa ako. Alam kong marami pang darating. Pero – shet. I shouldn’t have called. I don’t even know if I really love him. He’s not even good in bed. He’s not even good at all. I shouldn’t have called. Shit. Pero, ba’t ko siya tinawagan? Ba’t di ko napigilan ang sarili ko? Ba’t ko siya namimiss? Pause. I shouldn’t have called. Shit. Last na ‘yun. Hindi na mauulit. Hinding-hindi na. Promise. Promise, promise, promise. Last na last na ‘yun. Never again. Never ever again. Last na ‘yun. I will never call him again. No, no, no, no. Never, never, never again. I shouldn’t have called. I know I shouldn’t have called. I know – Shit.


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Remembering POPULAR


The Cast of Popular

This is sooo high school. However, if can honestly learn something in our current age it’s that our high school dramas never end in high school. Right, we’re more mature, we’re wiser, we’re so much better than who we were then, yet strip everything away to its basic roots and we’d have the same old problems we had them – who will take me to prom? will I rock this class? do I look good enough? You could say that high school problems are universal.

Think it over once or twice

What last longest in this life –

Character or rock-hard thighs?

In the end do you believe

That beauty lies in what you see

‘Cuz if you do, then, baby¬†

You’ve been deceived

Well, me and B – we hate Supermodels.

It’s just that I’m tired of being compared.

                         РTheme Song

POPULAR is an awesome show. It is a criminally underrated wonder that was cancelled way too prematurely. (DAMN SEASON 2 FINALE CLIFFHANGER!) It is a show that speaks to a wider generation than high school students (unlike, say, OC and OTH which get boring a season into it) Did I mention it’s by Ryan Murphy, currently of GLEE fame? Although, I honestly believe that Popular has a lot stronger plot and characterization than Glee.

I’d like to point out three (because five is sooo arbitrary) of the most memorable moments from POPULAR:

1) The Carolling from S01E10 Fall On Your Knees

The Final Scene of the Episode

This episode merits credit on its own, yet the Final Episode is poignant enough for me. This was the episode that sold me on the show. It’s a typical Christmas Special, with values bullshit etc (and a Christmas-Carol homage) but it still worked. That final scene alone is guaranteed to make a tear fall from your eye.

2) Hospital Scene from S02E10 The Consequences of Falling

Harrison walking for his operation

Harrison was diagnosed with leukemia and so far was losing faith in everything (life, friends, love, etc) As he was about to jump from the roof, he had a vision that his hospital roommate, who recently died of leukemia, was in heaven and showed him that, as a person, he matters. The final scene showed how he wanted to live more.

3) Harrison’s confession to Sam via email in S02E14 The News of My Death Has Been Highly Exagerrated

Dear Sam,

As I write this e-mail to you, I would first like to set the stage. Looking out my prison window, it’s beautiful outside – sunny, 75, you know, typical LA December. I wish I could go outside and run around. But I can’t. ‘Cause I’m dying. ‘I wish’ is a phrase I’m tossing around a lot these days. I wish I could hold you when life is hard and no one seems to understand. I wish I’d told you the truth about how I feel about you when I had the chance. I love you. I love you. Right about now, you’re laughing, smiling your sweet Sammy smile, ’cause you think I’m joking. But I’m not. I regret never telling you in the moment how I felt. But I didn’t have the nerve. I was afraid you wouldn’t love me back – That’s kill me. But, I’m gonna die anyway, right? And I didn’t want to go to my grave without telling you how I feel.

I love you Sam. I know this much is true.



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