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It just struck me today that the sem’s (almost) over. Last week, I was too preoccupied with productions to note that these are, in fact, FINAL productions implying the end of the semester draws near. So today, I found out a bittersweet fact – I could now delete my alarms!

To elaborate – most alarm clocks (or in my case, program) have a feature that allows you to set it in a recurring pattern. In my case, my alarm goes off at 7am during Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 9:30am during Wednesdays and Fridays. And that has been a pseudo-regular pattern for this whole sem. And, now that the sems over, GOODBYE ALARMS!

Not that I’m in celebration mood yet. Yesterday, I still had a final production for Tap Dance. Today, I still had an exam in Theatre History, which I hope I did well in. Aside from those, just an Acting Final on Monday and an exhibit to set-up on Tuesday and I’m free as a bird…

Not. No, I don’t have a sembreak. Starting next week, rehearsals for “Ang Unang Aswang” begin and I have to be there everyday. No, I’m not an actor there. I’m one of the two stage managers! I’m super-excited to jump-start my technical theatre career with a full-fledged SM-gig. Can’t wait to start working.

Anyway, just something to share that happened today. A professor advised me to shift from my performance track to theater research track. It’s not that you can’t do research and  perform at the same time – which I intend to do – it’s that I have to do a research-based thesis. Oh well. Goodbye plans for a movement thesis. Chos. I guess we actually do have to play to our strengths. 

I don’t know I’m still confused about what my life and career will be post-theater. I’m still in the ‘Is this even the right field for me’ deliberations so I hope to find the answers more next sem. Yikee – Directing! Yikee – Playwriting! Two of my most awaited subjects. Can’t wait to start next sem.


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A world of damnation, the world of deadly sins.

This October 8, join the Speech 121 (Oral Interpretation) class in living a night of sin and pleasure. Come and watch as they unveil the vicious world of SALIGIA.

Under the direction of:
Riley Palanca

Superbia Avaritia Luxuria Invidia Gula Ira Acedia.
Which of these sins have you committed?
Which of these sins remain hidden?
Which of these sins are you?

For inquiries, please contact 09228684420.

See you 🙂

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