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As is so far

There’s really no excuse for not updating one’s blog regularly so I’m not even going to give mine.

Some random blurbs about everything that has happened so far:

> I feel like such a bad boy in Naga City everytime I walk around town and I’m the only one holding a lit cigarette in my hand – what up yo??

> Summer season is fast approaching and yet I look best in winter apparel. Shucks! Bought a sweater vest and a vest yesterday and am wondering when I could get to wear them appropriately. I also want to buy a trench.

>’Ang Unang Aswang’ opened and closed almost a month ago. Yay!

> One of our cats is still here! I mean, I wasn’t home for literally a year and she’s still here! Yay for patience.

> I hate whiskey. I really really hate whiskey. Not as much as tequila, but definitely more than rum and brandy.

> Never use straight English in phone calls in Naga City, especially when talking to Water Utility or Water Delivery Companies. They would only get you ‘Ano po sir’ responses.

> I miss the Sarah’s crowd so much.

> My concept for my thesis was sort of ‘approved’ by the department chair and by the professor I was ogling to be my thesis adviser. She even agreed to be my thesis adviser! More details on this later.

> Some hard-headed people simply deserve to be blocked on facebook. And Y!M. And downelink. And, if I only knew how, on my cellphone calls and messages.

> To the person who stole my wallet, I have a finger for you on both my hands. Guess which one it is? Rot in hell.

> I found a Vicks Inahler in a drawer at home that has been there for at least a year. It smells like rotten mayonnaise.

> After many, many months, I was able to FINALLY grab a copy of G.I. Combat 1. Yay, my comic collection so far is complete.

> Going through our dvds at home, I saw STAGE BEAUTY, a movie I’ve been searching for for months just because I wasn’t able to watch the beginning of the movie when our class watched it. Yay!

> I still feel that my semester is hellish due to two performance classes, one directing class and a playwrighting class which would still have a production at the end of the sem. So that’s four productions in March. To top it all off, I have French 11, which may seem easy, but then again I took my French 10 three and a half years and I don’t rememeber any of it. To top it all off, PI 100 and there’s really nothing to say about PI 100.

> Our water smells rusty and I have no effing idea how to remedy that aside from another bitchy call to NAWASA.

> I miss the clingy-popular group! (Yes, we’re not just clingy, we’re also really popular) – Shirl, Anj and Jonas! See you all January.

> TV Shows are on a Christmas break. (From Sunday to Saturday shows:)

     – Merlin is a fun anachronistic show.

     – Desperate Housewives has been firing at every direction! The mob episode really hit me as what people would do in a mob situation.

     – Family Guy is Family Guy.

     – HIMYM is generally bad but has good episodes every here and there. At least, they’re trying to recapture the brilliance of Season 2.

     – Two and a Half Men is also generally bad, but they have funny jokes every other episodes.

     – Mike and Molly is a show about two fat people in love. 

     – Chuck is still Chuck. Deus Ex Machina Chuck.

     – Raising Hope is fun. There’s a stroke of brilliance there.

     – No Ordinary Family is mediocre. There’s a good concept but the execution could be vastly improved.

     – Life Unexpected is your typical high school drama cliche. But better.

     – Glee transformed from a fun, albeit brainless, comedy to a homocentric, wangsty drama.

     – The Middle is a very solid show. Nothing groundbreaking, but strong in its own right.

     – Better With You is very promising. I like the juxtapositions more. But I think its main strength comes from being sandwiched between The Middle and Modern Family.

      – Modern Family has had its blah episodes this season, yet when it has good episodes, they’re really really really brilliant.

      – Cougar Town is a fun romp to close the Wednesday comedies.

      – ANTM 15 was awesome.

      – Hellcats is stupid.

      – Psych has sadly past its prime.

     – Community has been a hit surprise! Very out-of-the-box thinking.

     – Big Bang Theory is having a great season coming from last year.

     – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was lackluster. Very very very lackluster.

     – Smallville is still on the way up,bouncing back from a horrid season 8, seasons 9 and currently 10 are so awesome it’s depressing that they’re ending.

     – Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Mortals makes me want to read Marvel again. It’s that good.

     – Young Jutice is also fun. Too early to make a judgment call though.


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