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#mce_temp_url#This was it! The biggest, most-awaited con of the year in the Philippines has come – METROCOMICCON2010!

As all plans and dates fail, I had to brave ComicCon by myself. (although, thankfully, I was meeting someone later that day, so it was worth it) But that was okay, we discover things about ourselves when we are alone sometimes.

First thing I’ve noticed upon arrival was the long line outside. (FAILURE TO OPEN THE GATES ON TIME?) Instead of just standing outside Megatrade Hall at Megamall for god knows how long, I decided to have lunch first. After lunch, voila, there was no more line. Surprisingly.

I felt that this year had a lot less turn-out than last year. At least during the morning. (To be fair though, this year I went on the closing day while last year we went on openingday) There weren’t that many cosplayers yet so I decided to browse along see what’s new.

(1) Rummaging through old comic books is tough. This used to be fun (Last year, I got a Wonder Woman (vol.3) #1!!) This year though, I blame it on the lack of energy, I just wasn’t in the mood to scavenge through the ten- and twenty-peso bin. I looked through some of the more pricey ones as well, such as trades of IC and Identity Crisis. And yes, for the nth time I ONLY read DC. Who reads Marvel, again?

(2) Someone was selling Justice League: Cry for Justice at 2,500. I laughed.

(3) There was a film showing of Superman: Doomsday. I’ve already seen this film two years ago and I wasn’t really that impressed. I felt the storyline wasn’t faithful to the source material (comic-boy geek mode!) However, watching it on a big projector with a big crowd of comic fans made me realize something – it was a nice movie. In fact, I actually teared up when *spoiler* SUPERMAN DIED *spoiler* Like seirously, stress of the recent weeks plus Superman dying equals me bawling up.

(4) When the cosplayers arrived, I was…in love! At first just the usual anime people. However, when the REAL comic book cosplayers came, wow! THERE WAS A KINGDOM COME GREEN LANTERN. AWESOME, complete with SWORD! There was the HAWKCOUPLE, Hawkman and Hawkgirl! AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, SOMEONE CAME DRESSED UP AS MY FAVORITE DC CHARACTER EVER ZATANNA!!!!!

I regret leaving early. Apparently, there was a cosplaying Green Arrow/Black Canary couple. AND BATWOMAN. Seesh. I can’t wait to see the Batwoman pictures!

That was a fun day. 

Although, if I were to nitpick, I felt off with the hosts of the program. I mean, they seemed fine and okay but their knowledge of comic books was just borderline insulting. “SUPERMAN BLUE/SUPERMAN RED was an offshoot of his death?” “LONG HAIRED SUPERMAN WAS AN ALTERNATE SUPERMAN?” “SUPERBOY was HALF-ANDROID?” Face-Palm!

I still wish I got a picture with the Zatanna cosplayer though. 😦


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June 2010 was a big month to be a comic book fan. Especially if you read DC, because, well, who reads Marvel these days? Straight off from the biggest and most succesful comic book event ever,  DC used the marketing and creative edge it had from Blackest Night in the celebration of their 75th year anniversary. (Yup, that’s right folks, DC has been producing comics for 75 years!)

But it doesn’t end there – June 2010 showed the release of THREE milestone issues. The fact is DC, together with the entire comic book industry, is historic in its own rights. It would be hard to find another company and arguably modern icon in today’s age that could root itself way, way back.


Grant Morrison's continues his epic tale of the Dark Knight

Batman 700, on sale three weeks ago, continues Grant Morrison’s epic tale of the Dark Knight Detective. Beginning his run four years ago, Morrison has suceeded in revigorating the Batman mythos. In this chapter, it is a stand-alone story about the Batman of the past, present and future – Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, respectively. Yes, if you’re not aware, Bruce Wayne is not the current Batman, being trapped in the past more than a year ago.

Superman 700

Robinson ends his legacy, JMS start his own run

Superman 700, on sale last week, serves a dual-purpose. First, it serves to cap off the run of James Robinson’s World of New Krypton. For two years, we have seen Superman interact with his long lost people of Krypton only to have them die in last month’s War of the Supermen. It only begins the ‘Grounded’ arc of JMS which controversially makes the Man of Steel walk across America finding himself.

Wonder Woman 600

Simone says farewell to the Amazon Princess and JMS starts his own journey

Wonder Woman 600, on sale TOMORROW, will be Simone’s farewell issue as she ends her tenure as writer here. JMS will start taking up writting duties. Not a lot is known about what direction he is taking her. However, here is the tidbit: our favorite Amzonian Princess will be having a costume change! And a radical one at that. Here is the official costume designed by JMS and Jim Lee:

Wonder Woman's New Costume as of Wonder Woman 600

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of it. The star-spangled swimsuit was a classic, just like Supes and Batty’s duds. But I do have faith in JMS and I’m interested to see what direction he brings Diana in. Excited for tomorrow!

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